2017 Intergroup Elections, March 18th

Intergroup elections will be held on March 18, 2017.

What is Intergroup?

Intergroup is a committee of individuals who represent SCA meetings in a particular city or region. These individuals volunteer to serve as their meetings’ Intergroup representative for a term defined by the meeting they represent. Serving as an Intergroup representative is an excellent way to help carry the message forward to addicts who still suffer, do service for the fellowship and advance one’s own recovery.

What does Intergroup do?

Each SCA meeting is autonomous and self-governing. However, all meetings benefit (and our fellowship’s message is carried forward) if a committee exists to coordinate processes, activities and events that are of interest to all meetings.

What can I do?

There are so many ways to help Intergroup. Whether you have years of sobriety or a day of sobriety your service will help carry the message and strengthen your own recovery.

  • Volunteer as a meeting representative which takes less than an hour a month
  • Answer e-mails or phone calls
  • Assemble newcomer packets and/or help distribute them to meetings
  • Take minutes of Intergroup meeting discusssions

If your meeting does not currently have an Intergroup representative, please consider doing service by volunteering for this role.