2020 Intergroup Elections, April 18th

Intergroup elections were postponed until our meeting to be held on April 18, 2020.

Here is a list of service positions:

CHAIRPERSON – Sets the agenda for and facilitates monthly Intergroup meetings, represents SCA Intergroup as a whole when appropriate, and moderates its Yahoo group.

TREASURER – The Treasurer collects contributions to Intergroup, pays its bills and expenses and provided regular reports to Intergroup regarding its finances.

SECRETARY – The Secretary records minutes for the monthly meeting, organizes and maintains important Intergroup Documents.

I.S.O. REPRESENTATIVES – The three ISO Representatives attend the annual International Service Organization Conference representing Los Angeles Intergroup, making reports and soliciting feedback. This is a two-year term.  (These positions are elected in December)

LITERATURE DISTRIBUTION COORDINATOR – Coordinates distribution of SCA literature to Los Angeles area meetings, oversees related bank account, and orders new literature from ISO.

HOSPITALS, INSTITUTIONS & PROFESSIONALS (HIP) COORDINATOR – Coordinates outreach to hospitals, sexual recovery institutions, and mental health professionals.

LEGAL OUTREACH COORDINATOR – Coordinates outreach to judges and the court system.

PUBLIC INFORMATION COORDINATOR – Creates and maintains out ad campaigns of attraction in alignment with the 12 Traditions.

WORKSHOP COORDINATOR – Organizes regular Intergroup sponsored workshops.

NEWCOMER COORDINATOR – Facilitates distribution of newcomer packets and acts as a liaison for people new to the fellowship, coordinating any newcomer related events or initiatives.

TELEPHONE & E-MAIL COORDINATOR – Returns and forwards messages sent to Intergroup via telephone and e-mail.

SPANISH LANGUAGE LIAISON – Responds to Spanish language telephone and e-mail messages, coordinates SCA outreach to Spanish speaking communities.

FELLOWSHIP SOCIAL COORDINATOR – Organizes and facilitates moderately-priced or free fellowship activities open to all SCA members.

MEETING LIST COORDINATOR – Maintains a current meetings list for SCA in Southern California and issues regular updates.

PHONE LIST COORDINATOR – Maintains a current and voluntary list of phone numbers of SCA members who are willing to receive SCA outreach calls.

WEBSITE COORDINATOR – Maintains the content and appearance of Intergroup’s website and social media outreach.