SCA LOS ANGELES is inviting you to your regularly scheduled meeting using Zoom meeting during it’s existing starting time each day of the week. 

Find your meeting below, and click the link to join or call (669)-900-6833 and enter the meeting ID & password 1234 when prompted.

Join Zoom meeting by clicking below from smartphone or laptop. (Best way)


GAME NIGHT FELLOWSHIP JULY 11th 7PM           Meeting ID 891 8247 8520 


Sun 10:00am Van Ness Recovery House         Meeting ID 329-694-671

Sun 9:30am Nueva Reunión en Español        Meeting ID 823-1875-5528

Sun 6:30pm Culver City        Meeting ID 334-820-433

Mon 6:15pm Fairfax Senior Center       Meeting ID 207-393-733

Mon 8:45pm Village           Meeting ID 812-914-767

Tue 5:30pm Long Beach          Meeting ID 470-232-639

Tue 6:30pm Van Nuys          Meeting ID 422-306-788

Tue 7:30pm Orange County        Meeting ID 621-513-577

Wed 7:30pm Village          Meeting ID 425-478-690

Thu 7:30am Long Beach         Meeting ID 253-959-240

Thu 10:00am Hollywood         Meeting ID 557-981-892

Thu 7:30pm Village               Meeting ID 655-238-058

Fri 6:30pm Silverlake           Meeting ID 705-469-624

Fri 7:30pm DTLA (Español)           Meeting ID 988-186-160

Sat 10:00am Long Beach          Meeting ID 483-830-077

Sat 12:00pm Village              Meeting ID 199-011-867

July 18th Intergroup           Meeting ID 885-757-437


Meeting materials

The 12 Steps                                                  Espanol 12 Pasos & Tradiciones

The 12 Traditions                                          Objetivo Fundamental & Conclusion

The Tools of SCA                                          14 Caracteristics

The 14 Characteristics                                Herramientas & 20 Preguntas

Opening & Closing Statement

SCA How It Works

The Promises