What is Intergroup?

It’s a question we hear often from newcomers who are not familiar with 12-Step programs.

Intergroup is the umbrella organization linking all SCA meetings in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Orange County.

Each meeting elects one representative to conduct and vote on business matters affecting SCA Los Angeles.
Elected Intergroup representatives hold their positions for one year, from March through the following February.

Intergroup representatives meet once a month on the third Saturday of each month.
Meetings are held at “The Village”, 1125 N. McCadden Place, Los Angeles, CA 90038, at 10:30AM.
All SCA members are welcomed to attend but only Intergroup representatives and officers may vote.

SCA Los Angeles Intergroup also sends representatives to the annual International Service Organization (ISO) convention to discuss and vote on matters affecting SCA Internationally.

Los Angeles Intergroup is a great way to be of service and make a difference in your recovery.  We are all trusted servants who volunteer our time to ensure that our primary purpose continues:
To carry our message to the sexual compulsive who still suffers.

Highlights from November meeting:

  • We are projecting a close to break even point this calendar year.  Donations from meetings are still below target.  However, as we typically do, our spending is prudent and limited.  At the December meeting we will be voting on next year’s 2020 budget.
  • Intergroup is self supporting relying on the generosity of our fellowship.  One suggestion is for members of the fellowship to set up a monthly recurring donation to Intergroup via pal for only $5 a month.  It’s equivalent to $1.25 a week and it would make a significant impact for just a small amount each month.  It takes less than five minutes to set up on our intergroup page on the website.
  • We currently don’t have any workshops scheduled.  If anyone is interested in setting one up, maybe even at your weekly meeting, contact Bob L. workshops@scalosangeles.org.
  • A new piece of literature, “Signs of Recovery” has been given to your meeting reps for review and will be voted on at the December meeting.  You can also access it by clicking here.
  • The annual ISO meeting will take place in New York City from April 17 – 19, 2020.
  • Our outreach to Los Angeles Courts is still underway with another batch of letters recently mailed.  If anyone sent by the courts or others have questions please refer to our website’s court page.
  • We are also beginning outreach to therapists and professionals to encourage people to visit a local meetings to find out if SCA’s program of recovery is right for them.
  • Registration for the December year-end retreat is now open.  Single rooms are sold out!  There will only be 3 more retreats at this current location and the committee is looking for a new location for 2021.


Next Meeting is Saturday, December 21st – 10:30am

“The Village”
1125 N McCadden Place
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Donations to Intergroup collected at meetings or from individual members can be mailed to:
Los Angeles Intergroup of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous
1049 Havenhurst Drive #96
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Donations can also be made with PayPal.