Next Intergroup meeting will be August 19th

Each meeting should elect and send a representative to our monthly meeting on the third Saturday of each month.

If your meeting does not have a representative, this is a great opportunity to step up and be of service.  Add your voice to the discussion and carry the message back to your individual meetings.

Highlights from July meeting:

  • Next workshop is scheduled August 12th on step 6 & 7:  For more details visit our workshop page.
  • Our recent outreach campaign “Break the Cycle” has received positive reviews and is being expanded to SCA NY and ISO for all of SCA.
  • Our newcomer coordinator, Jerry is looking to expand newcomer orientation workshops to more than once a year.  We need support to carry the message.
  • Literature development would like to vote on “For Atheists or Agnostics in SCA” next month so please have your meetings or individual members offer feedback.
  • The Convention Committee is having some summer fundraisers coming up.  7/29, game night, 8/22 movie night, 9/4 pool party.  Please listen for info during meeting announcements.
  • Improvements & additions are being made to our website so send us your feedback or suggestions.

Next Meeting is Saturday August 19th.
10:30am – 11:30am
LGBT Village
1125 N McCadden Place
Los Angeles, CA 90038