Donations can be made with PayPal. 

***  If your PayPal account is linked to your bank, you can donate without any transaction fees. ***

Please Support SCA Los Angeles Intergroup with donations to carry the message to the sexual compulsive who still suffers in and out of our rooms.

During the current Covid-19 crisis, SCA Los Angeles has moved all meetings to zoom.

Since meetings are currently not paying rent, you can send your 7th tradition donation directly to SCA Los Angeles Intergroup. 

Intergroup is the umbrella organization for all 16 Los Angeles area meetings.  You donation will assist our efforts to continue outreach and support for our meetings.

We also forward 30% of our meetings donations to the International Service Organization of SCA (ISO) annually.


Donations to Intergroup collected at meetings or from individual members can also be mailed to:

Los Angeles Intergroup of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous
1049 Havenhurst Drive
West Hollywood, CA 90046