Next Intergroup meeting will be Saturday March 21st.

Each meeting should elect and send a representative to our monthly meeting on the third Saturday of each month.

If your meeting does not have a representative, this is a great opportunity to step up and be of service.  Add your voice to the discussion and carry the message back to your individual meetings.  Questions to intergroup can be sent to intergroup@scalos

Highlights from Feb meeting:

  • Intergroup is self supporting relying on the generosity of our fellowship.  One suggestion is for members of the fellowship to set up a monthly recurring donation to Intergroup via pal for only $5 a month.  It’s equivalent to $1.25 a week and it would make a significant impact for just a small amount each month.  It takes less than five minutes to set up on our intergroup page on the website.
  • Registration for the 2020 Memorial Day weekend retreat is now open.  You can find the link on our Retreat page.
  • We currently don’t have any workshops scheduled.  If anyone is interested in setting one up, maybe even at your weekly meeting, contact Bob L.
  • The annual ISO meeting will take place in New York City from April 17 – 19, 2020.
  • We are also beginning outreach to therapists and professionals to encourage people to visit a local meetings to find out if SCA’s program of recovery is right for them.

Next Meeting is Saturday, March 21st 10:30am

The Village at the LGBT Center
1125 N. McCadden Place,
Los Angeles, CA 90038